Hamblin, James

james hamblin

James Hamblin (via Twitter)

There’s a part of us that doesn’t believe James Hamblin, MD is a real person/or is who he says he is/or exists at all. Like a too-good-to-be-true profile on Facebook that's revealed as someone they’re not on "Catfish: The MTV Show," James Hamblin does it all: he’s a doctor (a radiologist from UCLA), an improv comedian at the Upright Citizens Brigade in LA, and a contributing editor to one of the country’s most prominent literary commentary magazines.

Hamblin's name appears on The Atlantic’s masthead as health editor but the doctor tends to write more about pop culture than medicine. A recent article announced with glee (“it’s exciting!”) that rapper Jay-Z is composing the entire original score to the feature film “The Great Gatsby” starring Leonardo DiCaprio. A month before that, he filed this article: “How Much Should a Dog’s Ability to Drive a Car Affect Your Level-Headed Assessment of Readiness to Own a Dog?” Follow him – or whoever that young man is wearing heart-shaped sunglasses on his Twitter account @jameshamblin. (And yes, that is 1982's Toto IV album cover as his background picture. Who can resist a pop-rock caduceus?) He’ll keep you guessing.