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Middleton's charming 'Good Witch' Cassie Nightingale returns! As Middleton prepares to host its annual Halloween Fall Festival, Cassie is struggling to spark excitement among her daughter Grace and the rest of her family for their traditionally favorite haunted holiday. Meanwhile, Sam is in need of a spell to see eye to eye with his son Nick, while Abigail launches a sneaky campaign to become the next Festival Queen. And when the Grey House welcomes a spooky stranger with a troubled past, it will take Cassie's signature intuition, and the teamwork of her whole family, to put a stop to a dangerous curse and ensure a happy Halloween for all of Middleton. Photo: Catherine Disher Credit: Copyright 2015 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Brooke Palmer
Who Is Mayor Martha on ‘Good Witch’?

In the two-hour sneak peek of Good Witch, “Good Witch Halloween,” everyone in the town of Middleton is preparing for the...