The New Female Face of the GOP–Senator Kelly Ayotte


Sen. Kelly Ayotte, 2011

Kelly Ayotte, the junior US Senator from New Hampshire who was once rumored to be a VP candidate for Mitt Romney, has been in the press a lot lately. Just this week, before evidence was found to prove that Russian missiles downed the Malaysian Airlines commercial plane that killed 295 people, Senator Ayotte told Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC that "Russian fingerprints are all over it." A few days prior to the Ukraine plane tragedy, The Wall Street Journal published Ayotte's op-ed article, written with fellow Republican Senator Deb Fischer of Nebraska, which defended the Supreme Court's controversial Hobby Lobby decision.

At 46, Ayotte is the youngest of the 20 female US Senators. She is pro-life, opposes same-sex marriage, and voted for Comprehensive Immigration Reform. Prior to talking to the national press this week, Ayotte made local headlines when she presided over her first wedding as an officiant. On July 11 she married GOP Senate candidate Scott Brown’s daughter, Arianna. Expect to see a lot more of Senator Ayotte.