The Highest Grossing Actor–Dwayne Johnson–Blacks Out While Filming


Dwayne Johnson as Hercules

On the set of the Paramount Pictures film Hercules, lead actor Dwayne Johnson proved that he’s not always The Rock. Before shooting a pivotal scene as the Greek demigod, Johnson asked the prop department to shackle him with real steel chains so he couldn’t break through. It was effective. Johnson said they shot the scene eight times and that he blacked out every time. He referred to this very physical brand of method acting as “fun pain.” Johnson posted a video of one of the eight Herculean moments on Instagram (see below).

Hercules will be in theaters July 25. If the hype continues and Johnson gets a couple of decent reviews, The Rock just might keep his 2013 Forbes title as “the highest grossing actor.” (Yes, all of his 2013 movies combined grossed a total of $1.3 billion, beating Robert Downey Jr. of Iron Man 3 fame by $100 million.)