EasilyDo Founder Hetal Pandya on the Importance of Writing


Hetal Pandya

EasilyDo is a "smart assistant" app that organizes and notifies, making life easier--tasks that used to be done with a pen and paper. We asked EasilyDo founder Hetal Pandya about the importance of the written word.

Pandya: We’ve all heard the phrase "put it in writing" many times. While verbal interaction is often more personal than written communication, the written word holds great value in business. It helps us measure success and benchmark progress. We use it to foster ownership and accountability. It’s even a great tool to identify trends and avoid history repeating itself.

When we outline our goals and objectives, it becomes easier to revisit them and track our progress – whether they’re private personal goals or business objectives developed in a board meeting. A great example of this for a start-up is their board presentation. We as a team make a conscious effort to present in writing our goals, successes and challenges to our board on a regular basis. Written communication also helps to hold us accountable for our failures and celebrate our successes because it provides a sense of permanence and clarity that verbal communication cannot. I believe it is good practice to send actions in writing after meetings with team members. This also helps the team multi-task in a fast paced start-up environment where most members wear many different hats. We love written feedback from our customers, for example, because we can use it to keep a database of trends and repeat requests, which we then reference when we make product updates. Check out the feedback that EasilyDo has received in the App Store since we launched and all the corresponding features that we've implemented. That written trail is the evidence of the trend for smart assistants being extremely helpful for consumers.

--Hetal Pandya is a mobile entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience in the industry. She co-founded EasilyDo as she has always had a passion for mobile products that enable people to simplify their lives. Her specialties align with marketing telecom services and developing mobile products for enterprises and consumers. Most recently, she served as the Director of Product Management and Marketing at Nuance Communications where she built a $30+M revenue mobile care product portfolio from concept. She has also worked in senior level marketing management at Microsoft (Tellme Networks) and Nortel Networks.  She holds a MS in electrical engineering from the University of Texas, Dallas and a MBA from Duke University.